Director's Highlight

Director of Trinity Juniors has created through love and compassion for children who struggle to read write and solve basic math problems. Our Ambition to serve the children and parents of our community-powered our five years of extensive training in brain-based research, principles, and strategies build an impeccable history for demonstrating effectiveness in increasing student academic achievement & appropriate student behavior.


Along with increasing academic achievement will continue to improve student learning for all coming years. Apart from striking for advancements in academic achievement they also nurture students with good and proper attitudes and values.

Our Extended Day Care

Our Before and aftercare program, an extended day is designed to meet the needs of the working parents. The extended day provides the opportunity for children to remain engaged at school. Children can arrive as early as 8.30 am & can leave by 7.00 pm.

Extended daycare allows working parents to provide for their families while knowing that their child is having an awesome experience in a loving and nurturing environment.

At Trinity Juniors

We Prepare Children for a Futuristic World

Strong Foundation

Beyond Academics

Partner for Parents

Experienced Educator